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Council to build 9km waste pipe into sea

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DUBLIN City Council plans to build a 9km-long pipe into the Irish Sea to dispose of waste water.The council will seek planning permission today for a €200m upgrade of the Ringsend treatment plant, allowing it to process waste from 2.1m people in the council’s regional catchment area before disposing of it offshore. “The plant is running to over-capacity now, and the only way to accommodate further capacity is to build an outfall (pipe),” a council spokesman said.

“There will be an extension to the works but it’s not going to be significant. The outfall pipe is the significant thing. Long-sea outfalls have been used in some of the largest coastal cities in the world including Barcelona, Miami Beach, Sydney, Boston and Lisbon. As a result, they are known for their vibrant harbours,” he said.

“We’ll be removing the treated water from the sensitive Liffey Estuary to a point further out. Even though the water quality is good in Dublin Bay, you’re moving it (the waste) further away from bathing areas and sensitive wildlife areas. There will be additional treatment capacity and improved odour controls also.”

The €200m extension will be funded by the Department of the Environment, with specialist companies employed to build the pipeline.

Construction is expected to take four years, but An Bord Pleanala may decide to open a public hearing into the project.

By Paul Melia 

Friday, 13th April 2012

The Irish Independent

Cathodic Protection

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Cathodic Protection

About Cathodic Protection

Metal that has been extracted from its primary ore (metal oxides or other free radicals) has a natural tendency to revert to that state under the action of oxygen and water.  This action is called corrosion and the most common example is the rusting of steel.

Cathodic protection is a procedure used to protect an object from corrosion by making it a cathode.To make a structure a cathode, for example a pipeline or tank, you have to attach an anode or impressed current system to it. The structure and protection apparatus both have to be electrically connected through an electrolyte such as soil or water.

The main advantage of cathodic protection over other forms of anti-corrosion treatment is that it is applied simply by maintaining a dc circuit and its effectiveness may be monitored continuously. Cathodic protection is commonly applied to a coated structure to provide corrosion control to areas where the coating may be damaged. It may be applied to existing structures to prolong their life

About MP Ryan Cathodic Protection Services

MP Ryan provides a full range of solutions, services and products in the area of Cathodic Protection throughout Ireland. We can assist in the pre-installation consultancy and survey activities right through to installation testing and commissioning surveys and on to preventative maintenance and inspection programmes, remedial works and repairs. Advice in relation to a variety of remote monitoring solutions is also provided.

At MP Ryan we have over three decades of CP system development and maintenance experience throughout the world. Recognised as leading Irish industry experts in the implementation of Cathodic Protection systems, MP Ryan regularly advise and assist those unfamiliar with the unique challenges encountered in the set up and maintenance of CP Systems. MP Ryan also supervises the installation of CP apparatus on behalf of semi state bodies, regional authorities and main contractors across some of the most substantial infrastructure projects in Ireland.

The following list of resources are regularly available to assist our clients;

  • DC/AC Interference Investigation and Monitoring
  • Remedial CP works, including repairs and reinstatement
  • Cathodic Protection Monitoring
  • Pearson Surveys
  • DCVG Survey
  • C.I.P. Surveys
  • Cathodic Protection equipment and supplies

MP Ryan is a corporate member of NACE international, The Corrosion Society and a Gold Sustaining Member of the Institute of Corrosion.

NACE international, The Corrosion SocietyThe Institute of Corrosion


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Cathodic Protection

Cathodic Protection
We are the leading Irish experts in the installation, maintenance, monitoring and inspection of Cathodic Protection systems.
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Materials Supply
MP Ryan has over 27 years of experience supplying cathodic protection materials and equipment to both the Irish domestic and international markets.
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Welcome to MP Ryan

For construction, modification or upgrade projects, MP Ryan provide detailed, comprehensive solutions. We draw upon pools of skilled technicians and support staff, providing the instrumentation, electrical and pipe fitting disciplines necessary for the construction or modification of plants and installations. Our project management, experience as PSCS and logistics skills ensure that all of the different processes and disciplines are synchronised, delivering projects on-time to the complete satisfaction of the client.

Following the construction completion of a project, and successful handover from the PSCS to the client, we focus on the diligent maintenance of the process plant and equipment. Our customers can rely on us to demonstrate operational excellence through our attention to the performance of the most complex shutdowns and turnarounds safely and efficiently, routinely in hazardous areas with associated ATEX risk assessments and management. MP Ryan provides reliable, efficient specialist electrical instrumentation services to the process industries in Ireland including the installation of stainless steel instrumentation pipe fitting. All our technicians are trained and certified to install a complete comprehensive range of small bore industrial instrumentation pipework solutions, and also certified Parker Small Bore Experts(SBEx). All our installations are completed under the direct supervision of our Compex certified staff.

To assist our clients with the corrosion prevention of assets, we offer a full range of Cathodic Protection services to meet our client requirements, from initial advice and support to full turnkey systems. We have been providing expert cathodic protection assistance to operators and asset owners in the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Water and Power Industries since 1984. We believe our experience in providing Cathodic Protection surveys and systems and assisting in AC interference analysis and mitigation is unsurpassed in Ireland. We provide DCVG and CIP Surveys using our in house cathodic protection resources and frequently act as a third party witness or PSCS on behalf of the client. In the case of onshore pipelines and other structures, during the design stage, we can liaise with the client and PSDP during negotiation with landowners, public authorities, or other interested parties, for easements and wayleaves for groundbeds, cable routes, transformer-rectifier sites, and electricity supplies.

Now in our 28th year and carrying out hundreds of thousands of man-hours completing shutdowns and turnarounds safely, our wealth of skills and experience continue to inspire confidence in our valued clients.