Process Equipment Supply Chain Outsourcing

MP Ryan has over 27 years of experience supplying cathodic protection materials and equipment to both the Irish domestic and international markets. Our customers can rely on us to provide bespoke, comprehensive solutions and reliable supply chain management systems. MP Ryan source tailored solutions from manufacturers, agents and distributors worldwide. In addition, our in house equipment customisation services liaise closely with vendors and clients to fully satisfy procurement and engineering requirements.

Often consulted with a view to providing a solution to a specific process issue rather than to procure a specific product, our expert product knowledge together with our process equipment experience and our close relationships with our suppliers allow us to provide first class global product sourcing services.

We have successfully sourced the complete range of products required for mechanical, electrical and cathodic protection installations, maintenance and monitoring as required by clients. These regularly include heat exchangers, bespoke vessels, anodes, zinc ribbon for high voltage earthing installations and mesh for reinforced concrete structures, a complete range of backfill materials, cable conforming to IS, BS and EN standards, remote monitoring and data logging instruments and CIP and DCVG survey equipment, ATEX/EX and intrinsically safe barriers and junction boxes, aerial marker posts and pipeline test stations, pin brazing equipment, consumables and training, ATEX/EX various polarisation cells and polarisation cell replacements, reference electrodes and welding equipment and training.

We also offer a full range of sacrificial anodes:

  • Magnesium anodes
  • Zinc anodes
  • Silicon Iron anodes
  • Platinised Titanium anodes
  • Mixed Metal Oxide anodes

In the area of cathodic protection, we commonly supply the below products:

  • Transformer Rectifiers Units
  • Copper Sulphate Reference Cells
  • ATEX enclosures and containment systems
  • Bond Boxes, Distribution Boxes and Anode Control Boxes
  • Insulation Joints
  • Concrete/Plastic M28 Posts
  • Concrete/Plastic M4 Posts
  • Pipeline Aerial Marker Posts
  • Electrical cables and accessories
  • Surge Arrestors
  • Test Stations
  • Armoured/unarmoured cathodic protection cables