Council to build 9km waste pipe into sea

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DUBLIN City Council plans to build a 9km-long pipe into the Irish Sea to dispose of waste water.The council will seek planning permission today for a €200m upgrade of the Ringsend treatment plant, allowing it to process waste from 2.1m people in the council’s regional catchment area before disposing of it offshore. “The plant is running to over-capacity now, and the only way to accommodate further capacity is to build an outfall (pipe),” a council spokesman said.

“There will be an extension to the works but it’s not going to be significant. The outfall pipe is the significant thing. Long-sea outfalls have been used in some of the largest coastal cities in the world including Barcelona, Miami Beach, Sydney, Boston and Lisbon. As a result, they are known for their vibrant harbours,” he said.

“We’ll be removing the treated water from the sensitive Liffey Estuary to a point further out. Even though the water quality is good in Dublin Bay, you’re moving it (the waste) further away from bathing areas and sensitive wildlife areas. There will be additional treatment capacity and improved odour controls also.”

The €200m extension will be funded by the Department of the Environment, with specialist companies employed to build the pipeline.

Construction is expected to take four years, but An Bord Pleanala may decide to open a public hearing into the project.

By Paul Melia 

Friday, 13th April 2012

The Irish Independent